TranTrac™ (Taxi GPS Vehicle Tracking Module)

TranTrac™ II uses a combination of GPS vehicle location information and actual trip pickup and destination details to provide a high degree of visual awareness for the dispatcher. TranTrac is like adding a picture window in your dispatch room -the dispatcher can now visualize what is really happening on the street.

Taxi Vehicle Tracking SoftwareTranTrac works with both TranAir™ (Phone Dispatch) and TranMDT™ (MDT Dispatch) equipped systems to place the location and status of all vehicles and trips on your screen on a street level map. TranAir uses the GPS capability of Nextel, Telus or Southern Linc phones to show the real-time location of your fleet, whereas TranMDT uses the GPS receiver built into most popular Mobile Data Terminals available. In either case, vehicles move about the map in real-time, changing color according to whether they are Clear, Assigned, Loaded, Busy, Soon-to-Clear or Off Service.

Trip reservations booked in TranWare Enterprise instantly appear on the map at their actual location, indicated by color coding whether they are due or stale, which zone they are in and when they are due.

TranTrac is simple to use, yet provides a wide range of functionality, including finding driver directions and routed mileage between any two addresses and step-by-step historical playback, with color coded vehicle status at all points on an historical bread-crumb trail.

Taxi GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

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