TranMDT™ (Mobile Data Terminal Dispatch)

Universal TranWare takes a fresh approach to Mobile Data Dispatch by leveraging the latest open architecture Google Android operating system to reduce costs and increase product choice for transportation fleet operators. Rather than choosing a proprietary hardware MDT manufacturer, TranWare customers benefit from dozens of manufacturers competiting in an open market. These benefits translate to vastly improved product features, increased performance and reduced pricing. In addition, Universal TranWare's wireless carrier partners often subsidize the vehicle hardware costs further, resulting in outstanding customer value.

Till Death Do Us Part

Most dispatch solution providers use a single hardware manufacturer, (often themselves) and thus cannot benefit from the massive manufacturing scale of todays' world class wireless data market device providers, such as Samsung, Motorola, Research In Motion, HTC and and many others. Consequently, their customers lose the benefit of competitive market forces and are subject to single sourcing, limited product choice, high purchase and add-on costs, high support fees and reduced capabilities. TranWare doesn't ask its customers to take lifelong vows, instead opening the door to a new world of powerful, yet easy to use driver and passenger friendly devices.

Driver FriendlyTranAir MDT Dispatch

TranMDT™ is fast and reliable due to the use of true two-way high-speed packet data technology on todays fastest 3.5G and 4G cellular data networks. Using TranMDT™ is simple and safe, with a beautiful color, touch screen interface that keeps the driver's focus on the road, while keeping both the driver and dispatcher informed of trip status and location in real time. Universal TranWare provides a large touch screen HD display Tablet MDT, quick mount, power and meter interface cables and payment processing terminal, all in one cohesive, integrated package.

Passenger Friendly

Equipping your vehicles with TranMDT™ eliminates over 90% of voice traffic to provide a quiet ride for your passengers, while its automatic dispatch and turn-by-turn driver navigation with real-time rendered Google Maps maximizes pickup and dropoff efficiency. TranMDT's integrated PCI compliant payment processing terminal provides the convenience of both debit and credit card acceptance for your customers, designed such that the customer never has to hand his or her card to the driver for maximum security assurance and peace of mind. With features such as taxi meter fare pass-through, passenger instant gratuity buttons and integrated receipt printer, drivers will encourage credit card acceptance and welcome the resulting increase in gratuities, convenience and repeat business.

Vehicle Friendly

Unlike traditional Mobile Data Dispatch systems for the taxi, black car, shuttle and paratransit markets, TranMDT™ is vehicle friendly. Installing a Universal TranWare MDT system doesn't require an installer, nor does it need you to deface your vehicle with holes all over the dash, unsightly metal brackets and gobs of wiring connecting various disparate devices. Instead, TranWare employs state-of-the-art GPS and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G cellular data to elminate most vehicle wiring. Installing a complete TranMDT™ system into a vehicle takes less than 10 minutes and does not require a visit to your shop or mechanic.

An Evolution

Universal TranWare is an industry leader, known and respected by transportation providers and peers throughout North America. TranWare Enterprise is the culmination of customer input combined with over 15 years of constant development and the adoption of new technologies. Seven years ago, TranWare was the first transportation dispatch provider to provide fully automatic dispatch to low cost Nextel handsets with the introduction of TranAir™. As a result, thousands of vehicles reap the efficiency and customer service benefits of automated dispatch at a fraction of the price of traditional hardware centric systems. Today, a new generation of TranAir™ and TranMDT™ has begun, once again leading the industry in innovation.


Taxi MDT Dispatch

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