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Future Quest is pleased to introduce GPS Commander, an exciting new GPS tracking application specifically designed to complement the TranWare Dispatch system. GPS Commander is built using the latest Microsoft SQL Server and .NET technology platform, for fast, reliable tracking performance. GPS Commander is a complete Desktop/Enterprise Tracking solution that can commence as a single desktop application but be expanded to a multi PC environment.

Benefits of GPS Commander include:

Own Your Vehicle Location Data — In House

GPS Commander is a completely self-contained software program that communicates behind the scenes with the TranWare AutoDisp module. Incoming vehicle GPS and Vehicle Status information is stored directly into its own integrated Microsoft SQL database. Unlike a web-based application, GPS Commander stores the GPS data directly on your own server or PC, giving you complete ownership of historical location information. Keep historical data as long as you like. The GPSManager Controller runs as a Windows system service in the background to ensure that your data is downloaded, even if the GPS Commander application is not running.

Off Line and Off Network Capability

As GPS Commander puts your data onto your own PC, there is no need to have an internet connection to produce reports. As the reports do not have to be generated over the internet, they are compiled much faster. Any report can be printed in an attractive format or converted to a PDF, Excel, Word or Crystal Reports format with a mouse click.

Or perhaps you would like certain employees to be able to produce reports without providing them access to an internet connection. With Squirrel, it's simple!

Track Driver Vehicle Assignments

As the program is able to keep track of driver - vehicle assignments, you may pull any of the reports by driver. Even if a driver has been using several different vehicles, you may generate seamless reports under any of the categories you like, such as stops, landmarks, speeding, etc. GPS Commander also allows you to segregate your fleet into sub-fleets and vehicle types. For example, you could have multiple fleets, with each fleet divided into different vehicle types. (Such as Sedans and Vans) Reports can be generated for any combination of sub fleet or vehicle type. For example, you could generate a stop report for City "A" sedans or the City "B" Vans.

Produce Attractive Reports Quickly, Even When Off-Line

GPS Commander's integrated Crystal Reports Engine allows you to generate attractive reports at any time and for any time and date range desired. For example, you may pull up a vehicle report from yesterday or 12 months ago. As you own the data, you may pull reports for as far back as you have stored the information. When you first install GPS Commander, it will automatically set itself up as a system service to run in the background. Then, it will continue to grow your database from there, until you make a decision to purge data prior to a specific date.

A full range of reports are available, including detailed routes, stops, mileage, landmark activity, vehicle summary, etc. In addition, GPS Commander allows you to keep track of driver/vehicle assignments, so you can generate a report that will show which vehicles each driver has been assigned to over any time period.

Enhanced Landmark Capabilities

Take advantage of GPS Commander's optimized Landmark Report, which allows you to produce reports on any number of selected landmarks. For example, choosing a particular landmark, such as the Downtown Hyatt Hotel, lets you see all of the vehicle and driver activity at that landmark. Then, send a PDF of the report to that customer that shows your on-time performance or the total time on site to justify billing or prove your customer service levels.

Optimize your fleet efficiency by producing landmark reports indicating down time at the airport or service levels at your best corporate accounts.

Instantly add new landmarks just by clicking on the map or entering an address. Choose from a wide range of landmark icons. You may also import the landmarks you already use on the TranWare system so that they match. These landmarks will be displayed in real-time on the vehicle status display when one of your vehicles is stopped there or on any of the written reports.

Fleet Status Summary Window

GPS Commander gives you an instant real-time snapshot of your fleet's live activities with the Fleet Status Summary. It is much faster to glance at the Fleet Status window than the map to determine the location and status of each of your vehicles. In addition to colored highlighting for Active/Inactive vehicles, the window may be set to show only Active vehicles for the current day. The individual Status of vehicles use color coded fonts to show if the vehicle is Stopped, Slow Moving, Fast Moving or Speeding. The status window also indicates the vehicle number, with its corresponding driver's name, their current trip status, (Loaded, Vacant, Soon-To-Clear, etc) their current address or landmark, current speed, heading and the trip number they are assigned to. Double click on any vehicle and it instantly centers on the map!

Graphical History Playback

GPS Commander provides powerful, easy-to-use historical playback capabilities with color coded historical trails for any time and date range, for any combination of driver, vehicle, vehicle type or sub fleet. Each vehicle can be assigned a unique breadcrumb trail color. Highlight any point on a trail to see the vehicle's location, speed, heading, driver name and input status. In addition to displaying historical breadcrumb trails, you can also have GPS Commander build live trails behind each vehicle as they move about in real time.

Play-by-Play History Viewer

Accurately analyze a specific driver or vehicle's movements with the Play-by-Play Position History tool, which uses tape recorder style functions for user simplicity. Follow a vehicle's position history for any time and date range, as the playback takes you through its movements step by step, moving the map automatically. Pause, resume, rewind and fast forward or change the play-by-play speed and map zoom level to suit your needs. Start from the beginning and go forward or start from the end and go backwards through time.

GPS Commander identifies the beginning of each trail with a Start Flag and places a stop sign along each vehicle's trail each time the vehicle has stopped, according to whatever stop interval you have set. Move the mouse over any stop sign to see the stop length and address, as well as vehicle status inputs, such as engine on/off, etc. Vehicle icon colors change to indicate vehicle status throughout the playback. Instantly identify by icon color whether the vehicle is stopped, slow moving, fast moving or out of coverage. As you review a vehicle's play-by-play movement, you will also see their trip status along each point, such as Loaded, Vacant, etc.

Installation Alternatives

GPS Commander supports installation on individual PC's or within a client/server environment. Client/Server architecture allows a customer to purchase and operate the program on multiple PC's, with the data stored on a central server. The client/server architecture offers several benefits:

Regardless of the type of installation, the GPSManager Controller works seamlessly in the background to provide up to date location information about your fleet.

iTRAK GPS Commander
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