Getting Started with TranWare

TranWare Enterprise is a modular system, allowing business owners to migrate their operations to an automated transportation management system as their needs and budget dictate. Getting started doesn't mean you will have to break the bank. Yet, TranWare has the power and flexibility to meet all of your long term needs, regardless of how sizeable and sophisticated they may be.

Proceed as your needs and your budget dictates:

  1. Commence with TranWare Enterprise software for call-taking and dispatch. This will greatly accelerate your call-taking, improve customer service and reduce administration costs. TranWare will keep track of all standing orders, pre-scheduled trips, passenger preferences, etc. Automatic Caller ID greatly speeds up trip booking, as it fills out the order screen automatically for repeat customers, showing their previous trip history. Even without wireless dispatch, TranWare Enterprise will dramatically simplify and accelerate dispatching by helping the dispatcher choose the best vehicle for each trip.
  2. If a portion of your business involves billing to repeat corporate customers, add our Billing and Accounts Receivable module, so that TranWare can automate your invoicing function to send invoices and track accounts receivable. Choose one of our billing export modules to synchronize TranWare with your existing accounting package, such as Simply Accounting or QuickBooks.
  3. If you have company owned vehicles which are leased to the drivers on a shift or time based basis, add on TranWare’s highly touted driver cashiering system, which will track all driver cash transactions, vehicle leases and driver vehicle assignments. TranWare Cashiering is available as a stand-alone system or as an integrated module of TranWare Enterprise.
  4. If you are maintaining your own vehicle fleet, add one of our fully integrated vehicle maintenance packages to track all vehicle expenses and schedule preventative maintenance procedures.
  5. Eliminate over 80% of your voice communications traffic with AutoDisp™, our fully automated wireless dispatch system. TranWare offers the broadest range of wireless dispatch alternatives in the industry, ranging from traditional MDT's to Nextel Phones, or simple Alpha Numeric Pagers. AutoDisp™ will dramatically speed up trip assignment and increase dispatcher efficiency, allowing your existing people to handle significantly more work. As a result, customer service improves, as does employee morale from reduced job stress and anxiety.
  6. TranTrac™ uses state of the art GPS technology to automatically assign cars to the appropriate zones according to their actual location. It works in conjunction with AutoDisp™ to ensure that each trip is assigned to the closest available vehicle. Street level maps indicate real-time vehicle location, with vehicles color coded by their current status.
  7. At any time, you may add the TranWare Credit Card Processing module, which works in conjunction with TranWare Enterprise and your vehicles equipped with credit card swipes to process requests and provide electronic authorization to the drivers, fully integrated with our Billing and A/R module.
  8. A number of other specialized modules are available as add-on's, such as Automated Airline Flight Tracking, Vehicle Incident Reporting, Destination Management, etc.

Like many operators, you've probably been thinking about this for a long time. You know its something you really should do, but perhaps what makes the decision difficult is that you don't really have a basis for comparing systems and knowing which system to choose.

Let TranWare take some of the uncertainty out of the equation for you:

The important thing is to take the first step...

It's really not that painful. The truth is, the way you are operating right now is a lot more painful and a lot more difficult than investing in a TranWare system. Yes, we understand that your manual system has served you well for many years and your company is doing just fine. However, think about this:

The business metrics and the return on investment provided by automating taxi, limousine or paratransit operations are well proven in the industry. Ask any company that made the investment if they would ever go back to manual operation. There is no question that if you make an investment, will there be a return. The only question is, how soon do you want to see those returns?

You owe it to yourself, your staff and your customers to get TranWare!

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